Hatif Libya

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The company has been established upon a decision from the Secretary of the Board of Directors of the Libyan Company for Post, Communications and Information Technology (holding company), No. (4) for year 2008, for purposes of operation and maintenance of the State systems and the development of a national phone network. It includes the local systems represented in the transit switchboards, secondary switchboards, connection parameters within cities, and providing all services to subscribers, and any other complementary activity in order to achieve its objectives, and the company endeavors to contribute in building the society economy through the works it provides and through maintaining the values, principles and exemplars of the society.

Wire fixed phone service.
Wireless fixed phone service.
Added services (privileges of the fixed phone).
Prepaid cards.
Rented lines service.
Other services.

The vision
Creation of a communication environment with the state-of-the-art services and technologies.

The strategy
Raising the performance level to meet the international standards.

The job
Providing the best communications services in a competitive vision and involving the modern systems.

The goals
- Providing high quality communications satisfying the requirements of the society.
- Updating the infrastructure and coping with the technology development.
- Building a good trust and being more close to the customer.
- Employing skills and capacities for perfection, pioneering and undertaking.